“Valledupar” (Colombia), the city that grows orange with the Futsal World Cup 2018

From November 18, the city of Valledupar develops the Futsal World Cup, an important and inedited event that congregates 12 delegations in competition and many others visitors.

From November 18, the city of Valledupar develops the Futsal World Cup, an important and inedited event that congregates 12 delegations in competition and many others visitors.

Valledupar” is an ancestor name that means the “Cacique Upar valley”, the name comes from the geographical place where the city is built, the valley of the “Cesar” River, which runs between the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” (the snowy mountain closer to the sea in the world) and the mountains know as “Serrania de Perijá” (national reserve with different and exuberant bio diversity) to empty into the “Magdalena” River. The other part of the name is “Eupari”, name of the cacique of the “Chimila” ethnic group (Valledupar and other places around the city have a special and different ethnic and cultural origin existing before the modern civilizations).

The “Eupari” city, capital of the “Cesar” Department, concentrate one of the most diverse and important cultural, artistic, musical and creative wealth in Colombia. From the musical perspective, the region is the source of an unique gender that combines European, African and indigenous instruments. Effectively, accordion, drum and “guacharaca”, come together with poetic and experiential compositions interpreted whit magical and contagious voices and inspiration about the nature, personal histories and the best love´s stories.

The environment is shocking and fascinating, the “Sierra Nevada” mountains are the place of ancestral cultures and the source of birth of rivers. Those rivers have an unrepeatable combination between multiple kinds of big rocks, very cold water and hot temperatures over 29 centigrade degrees in a region placed in the tropic.

Therefore, our current visitor from 12 countries will be surrounded by all this especial ambient and will inspire the local populations to have the opportunity to show to the world their capacity to create and innovate, to transform their originality in goods and services supported in the creation and their culture.

In addition, the region is very sensible to the advance of the information society and the digital transformation processes to create orange ecosystem. Effectively, with the Futsal World Cup, people is exited to show how the sports could be a dynamic mechanism to offer the goods and services based in the local creativity. The new media technologies are building opportunities to the creative contents developments and have access to new markets to sell their cultural production all around the world.

The sports are an effective way to the creative industry and to increase the creative economy, every match, every moment in the life of the countries delegations in the city, could be an opportunity to innovate through the publishing, TV, radio, phonographic, mobile contents, independent audiovisual production, web contents and content produced for digital convergence (cross-media).

Valledupar”, the “Cesar” Department and their habitants are walking the way to maximize creative services and products thanks to the international sports events, thanks to the presence of tourists, thanks to the digital technologies and thanks to the endless and diverse capacity to create having as a base, the authenticity of their culture.

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Héctor Urrea Ayala

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